Business coaching

“Sometimes you can’t see the wood for the trees…..”

As business around the world has become increasingly competitive the demand for coaching has substantially increased.  Business coaching creates an environment for the overall growth of the business and enables it to adapt to change.  

Coaching provides a solution when,

  • The demands on today’s businesses, and responses that have to be made to them, are more increasingly changeable.
  • Predictable or conventional career paths are much less common.
  • The accelerated pace of life and increasing flexibility in the workplace make managing professional relationships within organizations increasingly difficult.

Working Together

The first stage is to understand the individual and their particular development needs and goals.

The second stage is to identify and discuss the objectives of the coaching. Following this we co-design the way forward.  There is no sequence of events or stages to this as each coaching relationship is about the dialogue. It is a talking solution.

The third stage is challenging and supporting the individual to follow through and achieve their purpose.

“ I facilitate your thinking and give you space for re-thinking”